THE AMLA LATIN IMPACT AWARD is granted at the AMLA Annual Gala, to recognize and to share the cultural and social excellence of one Latin American country at a time.

This award recognition, designed in the form of the Latin American continent with a spinning heart at its center, by the celebrity Brazilian artist, Marcos Marin is a true piece of art dedicated to those individuals that have made their mark on society. We want to reach music, fashion, dance, literature, cinema, art, and theater professionals; who combine their professional success with their love for cultural heritage by creating and leading foundations, working with universities, schools and similar, to inspire local practices and governance, which respect and support the human rights of children and young adults, while nurturing an environmental and socially responsible mindset.



Yomira John

  • Yomira, born in Panama City and raised in a musical world between boleros, salsa and Panamanian music, develops from an early age her talent and her voice by participating in her parish choir and school musical activities.
  • She wins the Silvia de Grace award in the children’s contest, she sings with the choir of the National Conservatory of Panama and as a soloist in the Música viva polyphonic choir and makes her first international tours.
  • Yomira began her professional career in Mexico as a chorister for figures such as Luis Miguel, Riky Matín, Danny Rivera or Emanuel, and later as a soloist with her own formation.
  • She looks back to 13 years of experience of massive shows, cultural halls, festivals, theaters, she Records her first CD “Así son pa’ los pela’o”.
  • Yomira follows her career in France composing and performing her own compositions, she participates as a singer in several Latin and Salsa music orchestras. She records with various Franco-Latin groups.
  • Yomira John is the lead singer of the Orquesta Centroamericana de la Papaya.
  • After 7 years in France she decides to return to her homeland to live and share her singing with her people. She is invited to record a CD of Boleros with the Survivor Orchestra to benefit the Panamanian Red Cross. She finishes the new CD of her “Ida y vuelta” started in France.
  • On November 11 was the official release of the Disco at the prestigious National Theater, which celebrates its 100th anniversary in this year 2008.
  • It is in this prestigious setting that the show on the CD premieres at the National Theater made its guests laugh, cry, love, and share. It was a triumph that remained in the history of the honorable Theater.

Mae Orisha

  • 2015, Orisha (Maheult MARTIN) from Marseille (FR), traveled to Latin America. After a year of travel, she arrives in Panama and falls in love with it. Her objective is clear: to connect Panama with France and show the world the strong artistic potential of Panama, her second home.
  • She then co-created Ohlala Panama, an event agency based on French culture, as well as Clases de Frances, a home French course company whose main clients are the CCI and Panamanian ambassadors.
  • In 2016, Orisha decided to deepen her passion for music by starting to mix.
  • Inspired by Melodic, Indie and Afro House, she joined the label Late Night Music Record (PA) and shares the decks with international DJs, including residents of the Watergate Club in Berlin (Floyd Lavine, Yulia Niko, KEENE, Jimi Jules…)
  • A few years later, she meets a Panamanian family that practices the Yoruba religion. They decide together to start a daring project: mixing electronic music and sacred Yoruba ceremonial songs. Their first track will be released in the next few months.
  • Today, back in her native region, she runs her events business “Road To Panama” which promotes Panamanian culture through electronic music and art.


Cuquita Arias de Calvo

  • Cuquita’s professional career exalts and gives recognition to Panama’s cuisine and make her amongst the most recognized national and international chefs.
  • For over 7 years, Cuquita was the hostess of her own cooking television show, She’s also one of the three chefs that hosted “Recetas de Autor”, a one-year tv show produced by El Gourmet in Argentina awarded best cooking show in Latin America.
  • Cuquita was recognized as one of the 100 Most Powerful Women by Forbes Magazine Latinoamerica in 2018. 
  • For over 18 years, Cuquita was also contributing editor for the gastronomy section of Diario La Prensa, the largest circulating national newspaper. 
  • She has published several magazines and 6 cookbooks of which Rumba Gourmet was awarded the Best Panamanian Cookbook in the international Gourmand Award 2007. Panama Chombo Style was awarded the Gourmand Award for Best African Cousin published outside of Africa in the year 2017.
  • Her latest cookbook, Cocinado Historias, recollects anecdotes and recipes of every Panamanian president since Panamanian independence.  This book is collaboration with Yazmin de Cortizo, Panama’s First Lady that was awarded the Gourmand Award for Best In The World First Ladies’ Book 2023
  • Cuquita has organized dinners for presidents, prime ministers, royalty and international personalities from the arts and business. She was also selected to conceptualize the food served on the set of the James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, which was partly shot in Panama. 
  • Cuquita was granted the honor to be the official cater for Pope Francis on his visit to Panamá in 2019.  The same year she was selected as jury for the TV Franchise Master Chef Panama
  • From her Cuquita Cookita’s restaurant and catering, they offer high-quality creative cuisine, inspired by their Panamanian origins, and always served in Cuquita’s style since 2013.

Charlie Collins

  • Executive Chef and Owner of the Hotel Panamonte, in Boquete
  • He has written 3 cookbooks: 100 recipes a story, commemorating the centenary of the Hotel Panamonte, T’ACH, Panamanian Autochthonous Cuisine and T’ACH II, Panamanian Contemporary Cuisine, for which he toured the entire country, researching and compiling the most important recipes of Panamanian gastronomy.
  • His book T’ACH, Panamanian Native Cuisine, obtained first place at the international level in the Gourmand World Cook book Awards contest, in China, 2018, in the Culinary Heritage category. His book has been presented as à documentary at various international film festivals.
  • Through the Panamanian government, his books are present in Panamanian embassies abroad.
  • He has been awarded and recognized by prestigious international publications such as Food and Wine Magazine or Gatopardo, which distinguished him as one of the best Chefs in Latin America, among others. National publications in K Magazine, Punto y Coma, Ocean Drive, Selecta and OD Gourmet have dedicated covers and pages highlighting his work.
  • Recognized by CNN journalist Camilo in his interview, as the Father of Panamanian Gastronomy.
  • Former jury of TOP CHEF Panama program in its 4 seasons and recently nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year in 2020, by the Chiriquí Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture.
  • Responsible for executing important events in the Presidency of the Republic of Panama, where he has prepared banquets for the last five presidential terms, as well as for special events such as the inauguration of presidents of Panama, the transfer of the Panama Canal, in 1999, whith several Heads of State from several countries, the President of the United States, Jimmy Carter, and Kings of reigning countries.
  • He held the banquet for the VII Summit of the Americas of Heads of State that took place in Panama City, on April 10 and 11, 2015. In 2016, he held a banquet for 3,000 people for the inauguration of the Locks Cocolí and Agua Clara, in the Panama Canal.


Olga Sinclair

  • Panamanian artist and figurative painter.
  • Started painting as young as 4 years old, with her father, the painter Alfredo Sinclair.
  • Studied art at the Academy of Applied Arts in Madrid, and further studies in London and in Panama.
  • Olga is an important advocate of Panamanian culture, first named “Cultural Attaché to the Panamanian Embassy” in Bolivia in 1987, currently Panama’s Cultural Ambassador.
  • The Olga Sinclair Foundation (FOS) beliefs, that a child exposed to art will never be violent. The Foundation’s has inspired the lives of more than 85,000 children in 11 countries around the world, organizing art workshops to strengthen the culture and talent of young people, who use the arts to seek success in life.
  • On January 18, 2014, in Panama City, Sinclair organized 5,084 children to paint simultaneously for three minutes to break the world record. The event commemorated 100 years of the Panama Canal.

Sophie Breebart

  • Sophie Breebart follows her mother’s legacy. Helene Breebart, a French artist, fashion designer and painter, living in Panama for 40 years.
  • Helene brought the sense of haute couture and integrated the techniques of craftsmanship into her creations. Her workshop Kuna makes all the molas, embroideries, that she creates and designs. Each of her dresses is a work of art in shimmering colors of nature.
  • Helene created the foundation “Buscando Tu Estrella” for the protection of traditional costumes, cultural identity and traditional knowledge. The foundation promotes and preserves the ethnic identity of the indigenous communities of Panama and encourages artisans to preserve their customs.
  • The foundation regularly organizes a selection of the best traditional Kuna costume in the presence of the press, with a dual objective: to reward valuable craftsmen and to stimulate them to preserve the authenticity of their heritage while developing their own creativity.

Rula Lakas

  • Upgrading textile art and the Panama Mola, is at the heart of the Molakspty brand, founded the year 2019 by the Greek/ Panamanian designer, Rula Lakas.
  • During the pandemic period, which affected the country’s health, social and economically, with the support of the women from Panama, this brand, exported abroad with the effort to enhance the quality of the Mola and raise capital to combat the pandemic wave in the world.
  • The Mola designs are loaded with very beautiful colors. Its Couture artisan work, gives a twist to fashion with an autochthonous flavor, very exotic for locals and foreigners in Panama. This style made by the industrious hands of indigenous Guna women makes the Mola admired throughout the world, for its blessed preparation.

Patricia de Leon

  • Panamanian actress, whose career spans successfully both English and Spanish markets. She has played the lead role in “Mighty Aphrodite Picture’s” and main roles in movies such as “Chateau Vato” and “One Nation Under God”, as well as the action thrillers “Your Move” and Lakeshore Entertainment/Warner Bros’ “AXL”. Patricia also stars on the horror mini-series “La Quinceanera”, as well as the reality TV series “Rica Famosa Latina”.
  • Passionate animal rights activist, who has earned a place as spokesperson for PETA Latina. She did 3 previous campaigns for PETA, which included becoming the face of a worldwide Anti-Bull Fighting campaign.
  • Launches, 2017 her own line of cosmetic lipsticks and lip stains and works together with cancer campaigns supporting women feel pretty and regain self-confidence.