This year’s AMLA GALA 2023 will dedicate funds raised by the auction and tombola to the Panamanian “Fundación Unidos por la Niñez” and commemorate its co-founder and president, Jennie Barb for her pioneer and successful work preventing and reintegrating sexually abused children and young adults.

The United for Children Foundation (FUN), a pioneer in the prevention and treatment of sexual abuse in Panama, has been operating for 19 years to assist children, adolescents, and families. It was founded by psychologist Jennie Barb in the aftermath of a commercial sexual exploitation scandal involving school-age girls. Jennie, moved by the heartbreaking experience of these girls, brought together professionals from various disciplines to form a non-profit organization that would work to prevent and treat children and adolescents who are victims of sexual assault and other forms of violence, and their families and so FUN was born. Despite the critical need for attention, sex abuse of minors is often a taboo, that society often fails to adequately address.

Today, FUN coordinates 30 civil society organizations that work with children and adolescents through Allies for the Children (Aliados por la Niñez), an advocacy group that holds the secretariat of the National Council for Children and Adolescents of Panama. In collaboration with UNICEF, FUN has prepared the Care Model for children and adolescents who are victims-survivors of sexual abuse, for the National Secretariat for Children, Adolescents and Family, SENNIAF. This model includes: the Treatment manual for children and adolescent survivors of sexual abuse and the Manual for strengthening their families. Both manuals are available on the UNICEF pages for use in the region.

In FUN’s Care Center, recently renovated with support from the Republic of Japan, you can find an extensive platform of prevention and recovery programs, working on restoring mental health and wellbeing of the many children and adolescents who suffer in silence and its impact has been substantially consolidated by the partnership with Save the Children and its Civil Society Support Program, PASC.

FUN has launched innovative campaigns that have had an impact on Panamanian society. Among our campaigns we can mention: Esperanza, la niña de cera, Conóceme, esta es mi historia, Pudiera ser tu hijo, (Esperanza, the wax girl, Know me this is my story, It could be your son).  The purpose of these campaigns was to educate and sensitize the population about the consequences of child sexual abuse.

Panama and Monaco established diplomatic relations since March 2, 2011 (12 years).

Panama has a representation in Monaco through the Embassy of Panama in France, which is concurrent for the Principality of Monaco. Currently the position is under the name of Ambassador Issamary Sánchez, accredited in France, concurrent in Monaco.

In 2003, President Mireya Moscoso made an official visit to Monaco. In 2002, Prince Albert of Monaco made an official visit to Panama.

Like the Republic of Panama, the Principality of Monaco has established links with most of the main international organizations, such as the United Nations, Interpol, UNESCO, World Health Organization (WHO), Organization of American States (OAS), among others. The International Hydrographic Bureau (IHO) is based in Monaco and Panama is managing its membership to it.

The principles of intervention of the Monegasque government are determined by the wishes of SSS the Sovereign Prince, with a predilection for issues related to the environment, human rights (such as women´s rights, children’s rights and against discrimination), as well as in the achievement of sustainable development goals.

Panama and Monaco have common interests in sectors with added value such as marine sciences, which have been a focus of research for decades, the management of natural heritage, the safeguarding of biodiversity, public and private green spaces, use of high-tech satellites, urban agriculture, use of electric vehicles, plus having topics of common interest.

S.E. Issamary Sánchez Ortega

In academic matters, she has a Doctorate in Law with emphasis on Civil Law from the University of Panama, being the first woman to obtain the title of Doctor of Laws from the Law Faculty and Political Science of the University of Panama, Master´s Degree in Industrial, Intellectual Property and Information Technology from the University of Alicante in Spain, Anti-Corruption Public Policy Program of Georgetown University in the United States, Geopolitics Course from the Sorbonne University in Paris, Bachelor in Law and Political Science from the University of Panama, among others.

At a professional level, she has worked in the forensic firm Rubio, Álvarez, Solís and Abrego, later in the Superintendence of Banks of Panama as Legal Advisor, trust, and securities house of Legal and Compliance Officer, as Lawyer and Consultant. Also, as a Teacher, Writer, and Speaker at national and international level.

She has held public positions as Director of the Financial Analysis Unit, Advisor to the Presidency of the Republic of Panama and currently Ambassador of Panama in France and Consul of Panama in Marseille, concurrent against Liechtenstein and Monaco.

She is a member of the National Bar Association of Panama and the Colombian-Panamanian Institute of Law Procedural.

Has received the French Senate Medal and the ¨José Dolores Moscote¨ Medal from the National Bar Association of Panama, for more than 15 years of Professional Career.

16 april 2023

Panama present at the Monaco International Book Fair.

By invitation of the Monegasque Association for Latin America-AMLA, Panama was present alongside Uruguay at the 12th. edition of the Book Fair in Monaco.

SE Issamary Sánchez Ortega, the writers Edilberto González Trejos and Mónica Miguel Franco represented Panama in a discussion about Panamanian literature.

Additionally, SE Issamary Sánchez donated books by Panamanian writers. For the first time, Latin America was present at this important event, with both countries chosen for this premiere.

11 july 2023

Olga Sinclair at Monaco Art Week.

SE Issamary Sánchez, as concurrent Ambassador to the Principality of Monaco, participated together with AMLA and the Kamil Art Gallery in the presentation of the exhibition “Life in Motion” by the Panamanian artist Olga Sinclair, during the Monaco Art Week.

13 may 2023

Meeting with AMLA.

Ambassadors from Chile, Mexico, Panama, and the Minister of Ecuador held a meeting with the President of the Monegasque Association of Latin America; to establish links with Monaco.

Additionally, SE Issamary Sánchez with AMLA visited @ecoleeac, looking for academic spaces between France and Panama.